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How it works

HIFU-LIFT is one of the best and highly developed systems available for treating aging skin. The non-invasive ultrasound energy creates low levels of heat on the targeted skin. This stimulates collagen production and tissue rejuvenation. With only one treatment, HIFU-LIFT encourages aging skin to start working hard again and regenerating.

HIFU-LIFT ultrasound facial


Smoother, firmer, and brighter skin in the months after treatment.

Eyes will look more open, brows more lifted, fine lines softened, and pore reduced. Because of the restored elasticity, skin will feel softer and more supple.

HIFU-LIFT is a more natural facelift or neck lift alternative for customers who don't want invasive surgery.

HIFU-LIFT before and after pictures
High Intensity focussed ultrasound
ulthera ultherapy
face lift with ultrasound
HIFU LIFT handpiece

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